Safe Routes to School Santa Clara offers resources for many different activities to help get children moving.  Many of these tools are already being used in schools to help children develop healthy habits.  If you’re interested in starting an event or see an activity that is right for your school please contact Together we can help build a healthier community.    


Walk to School Day
Every October, more than 4,000 schools encourage students to walk or roll to school to help build awareness for the need for walkable communities.


Bike to School Day
Bike to School Day is a National event each May that encourages students to use a bicycle or other form of active transportation to get to school.

WalknRollDaysMonthly Walk and Roll to School Days
Encouragement days are recommended to help maintain and       reinforce the value of active transportation.  For example, the first Wednesday of each month can be a Walk n Roll to School Day.


Walking School Bus
A Walking School Bus is a group of children who walk to school chaperoned by adults. They follow a designated route to school and pick up kids along the way.  It can be a casual group walk or more formal, with adults scheduled to walk on certain days.


Bicycle Train
A bicycle train is similar to a walking school bus: they provide a way for children to bike to school safely in a group with adult supervision.  Adults ride with the children along a designated routes picking up children along the way.

golden sneaker Golden Sneaker
A two-week competition held within the school to see which class can walk or bike the most miles.  At the end of the two weeks, the class with the most miles wins a Golden Sneaker Trophy.



Bike Elves
Bike Elves are a designated group of students, parent champions, or staff that go around and leave prizes on student’s bikes who have participated in a bike to school day, or other biking/walking event organized within the school.  This type of event is designed within the school and will vary by location.