Get Involved

Easy Steps You Can Take to Get Involved

  1. Walk or bike to school at least one day a week.
  2. If you live too far to walk or bike, park a few blocks away from school and walk the rest of the way.
  3. Start a Walking School Bus in your neighborhood.
  4. Get involved in your PTA.
  5. Ask your school principal to support Safe Routes to School.
  6. Drive respectfully.  Stay at the speed limit, yield to pedestrians, give bicyclists room, stop at stop signs and lights, and look for children.
  7. Brainstorm a fun contest or event and share it with the Safe Routes program. We can help you organize it.

Safe Routes to School Santa Clara is designed to get children moving and stay moving.  Here you will find additional information about safe walking and rolling activities to get children moving both at home and in the classroom.  It is our goal to educate as many children in the Santa Clara County with safe walking and rolling habits to help encourage a healthy lifestyle.  Please join us in our efforts to get children moving!

To volunteer for the Safe Routes to School Program at your child’s school email

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