National Bike to School Day

On May 8th schools nationwide will take part in Bike to School Day by having children walk or bike to school, including right here in Santa Clara.  The event builds awareness around the need for bikeable/walkable communities and safer routes to school. The event helps build stronger communities, safer neighborhoods, and sustainable programs to keep children using active transportation.

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Santa Clara’s mayor, Jamie Matthews, and Council member Teresa O’Neill, local police officers, the 49er’s mascot, and many more will help to make the event a success.  It is a wonderful opportunity for the city to recognize and encourage the need for more active transportation and healthier lifestyle choices within your community.  This year’s event will fall during the annual STAR testing which is perfect given the need of physical activity for healthy minds.  It has been shown that kids who are more physically active have better academic performance.  As one of the seven schools participating in our program likes to say, “A healthy body makes a happy brain.”

Sutter Elementary School already got the wheels turning and celebrated the event on April 24th during their normally scheduled Walk and Bike to School Day.  With more than 25 bikes filling the racks and over 50 walkers the event was a success.  Keep an eye out for other Bike to School Days as Santa Clara schools continue to celebrate throughout the month of May.

  • May 2nd Montague Elementary
  • May 8th  Scott Lane Elementary
  • May 8th Haman Elementary
  • May 8th Briarwood Elementary
  • May 8th Cabrillo Middle School
  • May 13th -17th Bowers Elementary

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